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There will also be a new trend in the rice dryer market

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Key word:There will also be a new trend in the rice dryer market

Most of China likes to eat rice, and rice also accounts for a large proportion of grain cultivation in China. With the renewal of agricultural machinery and equipment, many parts of rice cultivation have been mechanized. Due to the influence of rain and dampness, the rice dryer will also play an important role in the rice harvest in the future, and there will be a new trend in the rice dryer market.

Rice drying is an important part of grain harvesting. Because the harvest time in order to reduce the loss of grain in the field must pay attention to timely harvesting, and the timely harvest of grain has a large moisture content, and if it is not dried in time, it will cause mildew and deterioration of the grain. It can be seen that rice drying is a problem that can not be ignored.

According to the present situation of grain drying equipment in China and the needs of the vast rural market, the development of grain drying equipment in China will show the following trends:

(1) The production capacity of rice dryers should be scaled up and equipment with a treatment capacity of 20-30 tons per hour will need to be developed in the future.
(2) Equipment designed to reduce high moisture grains to safety standards at one time, requiring a reduction of more than 10 per cent. To this end, there are two ways: One is to use a joint drying method, that is, to combine two or more drying methods into a new drying process, such as the use of a high-temperature rapid fluidized dryer to pre-heat wet grains, and then use a converter dryer to dry at a lower temperature. From the current development of rice drying technology in various countries in the world, this is a trend. Second, design high efficiency rice flash drying machine.
(3) Application of advanced measurement and control technology to realize the development of the drying process in the direction of automation or semi-automation.
(4) High temperature rapid treatment of large quantities of high-moisture rice.
(5) The study of coal combustion as an energy source, indirect high-efficiency and energy-saving rice dryer is still the main direction, and should also explore new energy rice dryer, such as microwave energy, solar energy, etc..
(6) Rural rice dryers should be developed in a small, multifunctional direction, requiring easy movement, simple operation, less investment, and rice drying quality.
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