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Application of spray drying desulphurization technology in protecting ecological environment

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Key word:Application of spray drying desulphurization technology in protecting ecological environment

As the world's energy consumption increases year by year, the burning and utilization of coal as a primary energy source has released a large amount of sulfur dioxide and the regional acid rain formed by it, which has caused serious pollution to the environment and destroyed the ecological balance. Caused the destruction of large areas of forests, acidification of soil and lakes, and corrosion of buildings.

Therefore, controlling and reducing sulphur dioxide emissions is a very important task. Among the many desulphurization technologies, the removal of sulfur dioxide from flue gas by spray drying is an increasingly important technology. This technology began research in the 1970s and was put into commercial operation in the late 1970s. It has less investment, simple operation, high sulfur removal efficiency, and no secondary pollution. Compared with the wet method used in flue gas desulfurization, the powder products formed by spray drying desulfurization have greater selectivity and development value.

An important prerequisite for the wide application of spray drying colloidal sulfur technology is whether it can solve the reasonable development and utilization of a large amount of powder sulfate after drying. It can be recycled as an absorbent, and part of the dry material can be recycled. As a supplement to the earth, it is converted into a paste for cement retarding agent, and a granular artificial sandstone is made, which is used as a filler for building materials instead of commonly used concrete and asphalt. Wait.

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